Looking for a new home in Riverside County? Concerned about
maintaining a healthy lifestyle for you and your loved ones? Here are a
few factors that will help you choose the right neighborhood for your

Parks and Recreation

It’s no secret that being healthy is about staying active. That’s a
lot easier when you can take advantage of local parks for outdoor
activities and organized recreation opportunities like sports leagues
and fitness classes. Living near open space and forested areas will also
help you protect your family from air pollution as a result of traffic

Local Ordinances and Neighborhood Associations

Some towns and cities like Corona and Perris do more than others to
protect the local environment and promote the health of their citizens,
with ordinances about noise pollution and zoning.While some neighborhood
associations exist largely to enforce arbitrary standards about the
superficial appearance of homes, others have more substantive standards
about sustainable landscaping and other environmental factors.

Walkability and Bikeability

Whether you’re eight or eighty years old, walking and biking are
great ways to stay healthy in California. Residents of walkable
neighborhoods tend to weigh up to 10 pounds less than those in less
walkable neighborhoods.
Walk Score
offers a neighborhood’s walkability and bikeability score using the
proximity of shops and services as well as features like sidewalks, bike
lanes, and crosswalks.

Water Quality and Other Concerns

Unless you’re willing to spend hundreds of dollars every year on
filtration systems, you’ll want to make sure the neighborhood you choose
in Riverside County has a high quality public water supply and is free of other
chemical and industrial contaminants.
The Environmental Protection Agency’s website
aggregates data on water quality, air quality, known and threatened
releases of hazardous substances, and former industrial sites (or
“brownfields”), allowing you to search by zip code.