Patrick Schröeder is a full time real estate broker, licensed in California for 23 years. He has sold hundreds of properties and has worked with hundreds of satisfied sellers, and buyers throughout his career. He has a broad knowledge of real estate with certifications in real estate law, real estate practice, appraisal, economics, finance, loan brokering, and forming real estate syndicates. He has an independent brokerage office located in Murrieta California and services all of Southern California.



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Real estate investing is gaining popularity, and if you've been giving it some thought, this guide will give you an overview. The goal of any real estate investor is typically to make money. This means purchasing an investment property at a good price so you can rent it out…
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One excellent way to improve your financial profile is to buy a home of your own. But we won't lie: It's a long and potentially incredibly stressful process, especially when it comes to the dollars and cents of securing a mortgage loan.